Brief writing

With our sister company Consarc, we can help you to develop a clearly defined vision and brief, ensuring you get the most from your project.

Brief writing

Design consultants can misinterpret poorly written briefs, failing to address the real issues of the project or diluting its original aspirations. A well written brief is essential to a successful project to maximise the value good design can add to the process.

From shared space in our London studio, Consarc's team will work closely with you and your stakeholders, developing your initial thoughts into a clearly defined vision and brief. Collating this into a well-designed and articulated briefing document, they'll help you to raise awareness, provoke discussion or procure funding for your project.

“The Consarc team helped us appreciate what was important - they got to understand us quickly and built up a strong research-based strategy which meant the project was heading in the right direction from the very beginning. Delighted with Consarc - would recommend them to anyone.”

Patrick McMahon, Senior Partner, Bidwells

Selected projects

Brief writing

University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus  Nottingham

Brief writing

Crawley Town Hall  Crawley, London

Cartwright Pickard helped to write the client brief and faciltated the stakeholder engagement strategy.

Designed by Cartwright Pickard, Consarc helped to write the client brief and are now acting as Client Adviser.

Brief writing

Brent Council  

Brief writing


Consarc helped to write the client brief and acted as Client Adviser through to completion.

Consarc helped to write the client brief and designed the fit-out.