Post-occupancy evaluation

Measuring performance,
continually improving

Post-occupancy evaluation

To make sure we’re doing that, we go back and measure the performance of buildings when they’re complete and occupied. In fact, we pride ourselves on building performance evaluation. Intelligence and data about our own buildings’ performance adds to our knowledge and helps us to continuously improve what we do.

We can offer in-house post-occupancy evaluation capabilities (RIBA Stage 7), enabling us to go further than our industry counterparts in our commitment to delivering high-performing buildings by returning to measuring their performance post-completion.

We conduct client feedback interviews at the completion of every job. We pride ourselves on evidence-based design and continuous improvement, so it is important that we assess how well we fulfilled the brief and met client expectations, as well as how the buildings we design perform across their whole life cycle.

Feedback interviews allow us to learn from our performance, give praise to our staff where it is due and make improvements where necessary. Our staff are regularly rated as ‘exceptional’ by our existing clients.

Post-occupancy evaluation shows that the building is so efficient at modulating internal temperatures that the general office areas only need comfort cooling for three weeks of the year.

HSE Headquarters

90% of staff enjoy their new working environment. Days lost to staff sickness have fallen by 29% and the average customer service enquiry turnaround is now 6 minutes vs the 10 minute target.

Doncaster Civic Office

Post-occupancy evaluation

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