Premier Inn: Doncaster Central 

High Fisher Gate is a contemporary hotel which responds sensitively to its context in a conservation area in the historic heart of Doncaster

Client  Basilton Properties
Location  Doncaster
Completion  2009
Cost  £9.4m


  • RIBA stages 1-6
  • Feasibility study
  • Architectural design
  • Advice on offsite construction
  • Spatial planning
Premier Inn: Doncaster Central

This seven storey mixed-use building in Doncaster, South Yorkshire provides a 140-bedroom business hotel and Top Table restaurant on a prominent corner site in the city centre.

The careful selection of high quality timeless materials helps the building add to the townscape, and its respectful scale and massing makes it a good neighbour to the Grade II listed St George’s Church. Where the building faces onto Church Way it rises to only six storeys so that it remains lower than the eaves height of the church.

Materials such as pre-patinated copper and terracotta help to marry the contemporary building with its surroundings, will age gracefully and require minimal maintenance.

Offsite construction methods were used, including a precast concrete panel system and prefabricated bathroom units within the hotel, which facilitated a rapid construction programme.

Premier Inn: Doncaster Central
Premier Inn: Doncaster Central

"The Doncaster Central Premier Inn on High Fisher Gate has added great value to the town, especially in its appearance and eye-catching build. It really makes me feel proud to be managing a great business in such a great building."

Ruth Cartlidge, General Manager, Premier Inn Doncaster

Premier Inn: Doncaster Central