Premier Inn: Leeds City Centre 

This 136-bedroom Premier Inn on a city centre site in Leeds is the first building to be delivered as part of the masterplan for the West End of the City, a masterplan which Town Centre Securities has developed with Leeds City Council.

Client  Premier Inn
Location  Leeds
Completion  2017


  • RIBA stages 1-6
  • Architectural design
Premier Inn: Leeds City Centre

The building occupies a prominent location at the junction of Whitehall Road and Northern Street and adjacent to the new Wellington Place development. The hotel’s reception, bar and restaurant and support accommodation are located on a ground floor that is elevated from street level. The bedroom element then sits above the ground floor accommodation. The building is ‘L’ shaped in section to give it presence on Whitehall Road and to keep the bedroom element away from the neighbouring No1 Whitehall Riverside.

The public facing element of the building is highly transparent and inviting whilst the support accommodation is clad in a blue engineering brick. Aluminium cladding is natural anodised at ground level because of its hardwearing nature and to give a podium to the black aluminium of the bedroom element. Window reveals are highlighted with natural anodised aluminium to bring modelling to the façade and to provide highlights during changing daylight conditions.

A tight construction programme was facilitated using modern methods of construction. The first-floor podium slab and the bedroom element above were constructed using pre-cast concrete wall and floor panels and all bathrooms are steel modules fully finished in the factory before being delivered to site.

Premier Inn: Leeds City Centre
Premier Inn: Leeds City Centre