Chatham Place 

Our masterplan for this £250m mixed use development unlocks the potential of a large brownfield site on the fringe of central Reading, which was formerly home to a dilapidated car park.

Client  Muse Developments
Location  Reading
Completion  2009
Cost  £46m


  • RIBA stages 1-6
  • Feasibility study
  • Masterplanning
  • Architectural design
  • Advice on offsite construction techniques


  • Homebuilder Design Awards (Shortlisted)
The development improves permeability by decking over the inner distribution road which previously formed a physical and pyschological barrier between the site and the town centre.

The approach creates a successful and sustainable neighbourhood that works in its own right but is fully integrated into its surrounding environment. This first phase offers 211 market sale and 96 key worker homes with retail at ground floor around an enriched public realm, setting the scene for the second phase; office space and communal facilities around a public square.

An offsite system using a prefabricated steel frame and precast floors delivered the 585-space multi-storey car park at a construction cost well below the developer’s budget.

Offsite manufactured unitised cladding creates a high quality finish and visual impact. Prefabricated modular bathrooms and kitchens bring high quality and attractive interior finishes whilst greatly reducing programme time.

The challenge of producing a deliverable masterplan for this constrained site had defeated three design teams before us. Our holistic approach to the urban, economic and technical issues unlocked this complex site, resulting in a successful development.

Photography Morley von Sternberg