Diverse Leaders Pledge

Cartwright Pickard signs the Diverse Leaders Pledge

13 August 2021

Following the appointment of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee earlier this year, Cartwright Pickard has signed the built environment's Diverse Leaders Pledge.

Led by New London Architecture, signing the pledge forms part of our ongoing commitment to making the built environment sector more diverse through recruitment, progression and advocacy. As part of the pledge, the Practice has implemented or will be implementing the following:

  • We will identify a target for the diversity of the organisation relative to our area’s working age population.
  • We will identify a timeframe within which to achieve our diversity target.
  • We will review our recruitment process to mitigate bias, for example by implementing blind applications where possible and ensuring that applications are reviewed by more than one assessor.
  • Hiring decisions will be tracked in diverse terms and used to assess which part of the process could be improved. The anonymised data on applicants will be tracked throughout the hiring process and used to assess areas of improvement.
  • We will provide baseline data for workplace diversity monitoring and track our progress against this.
  • We will appoint a ‘Diversity Champion’, who provides visible leadership on diversity within the organisation, and drives the delivery of the action plan.
  • We will commit to zero tolerance of harassment, bullying and discrimination of any kind. We will implement a clear procedure for reporting grievances which is open beyond line management structures.
  • We will embed mentoring, reverse mentoring and/or sponsorship within our organisation.
  • Opportunities will be made available to have different voices of the organisation represented externally. We will send balanced representation to organised networking events, with senior representatives responsible for making introductions and assisting junior representatives in establishing new connections.
  • We will support groups advocating for fairer, more inclusive practice, whether this is financially, by working in partnership with them, by reviewing our own practice, or by outwardly advocating ourselves.
  • We commit to tell the stories of diverse people and provide a platform for better representation.

You can read more about the pledge on the NLA website.