Improving the learning experience for SLD students

The practice is joining forces with the Yorkshire Children's Charity to upgrade a special needs school in Yorkshire.

Hilltop School in Maltby, South Yorkshire is a designated Severe Learning Disability (SLD) school serving 147 students, aged 2 to 19. The school is much-loved by its young people, their families, teaching staff and the wider community but due to a lack of funds, the school environment is no longer fit for purpose at 50 years old and originally built for a capacity of 30 students.

Most teaching currently takes place in Portakabins or other temporary accommodation, lacking sufficient ventilation, windows and even running water! This makes for an inadequate learning environment for the students to flourish and reach their full potential.

The Cartwright Pickard team (led by Ian) are delighted to be involved in upgrading the school by:

  • Removing all temporary classroom accommodation from the site
  • Improving the teaching resources for the school
  • Improving heating and ventilation of existing building
  • Providing a safer and fit-for-purpose environment for the students and teachers
  • Providing a legacy project for the school

Work on site is expected to commence this Summer.

Learn more about the school and what the upgrades to the school mean to them ➜  Yorkshire Children's Charity - Hilltop Appeal

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Transforming the learning experience of SLD students