How can we deliver a great rental experience?

We understand this sector better than most. We know that location, scale, the exterior, the public and private interior zones and the services facilitated can make living and working in a purpose-built rental building a great experience – and a first choice for many more people in the UK. We understand that build-to-rent needs to create a strong sense of place to encourage tenants to stay for the long run.

Our experience in the hotel and student accommodation sectors has given us valuable insight into resident expectations of hospitality and servicing requirements that lend themselves to build-to-rent schemes. Similarly, our expertise in efficient design in the housing and workplace sectors means we are well-placed to deliver cost-efficient build-to-rent solutions.


Merrick Place  Southall, London

Brunel Street Works

Brunel Street Works  Canning Town, London

Manchester Build-to-rent

Manchester Build-to-rent  

Wembley Park

Wembley Park  Wembley, London


An innovative way of predicting whole life cost over a 30-year period from the earliest stages of design.

Murray Grove

Murray Grove  Hoxton, London

Chengdu Towers

Chengdu Towers  Chengdu, China