Higher education

Why shouldn't places evolve as learning evolves?

Universities are operating in more a challenging market than ever with stiff competition to attract the top students, staff and researchers who expect modern, attractive learning facilities. We work with institutions and their diverse stakeholder groups to realise their objectives.

Whether your project involves rationalisation or expansion, we will seek to maximise spatial efficiency and student capacity while providing contemporary, inspiring and long-lasting facilities. Adaptability of space is key, ensuring that work spaces are easily modifiable to future generation’s learning needs.


The Boilerhouse  Egham, Surrey

Metropolitan Works  Aldgate, London


An innovative way of predicting whole life cost over a 30-year period from the earliest stages of design.

University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus

University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus  Nottingham

Royal Holloway University Masterplan

Royal Holloway University Masterplan  

LMU Central Library

LMU Central Library  Aldgate, London

LMU Central House

LMU Central House  Aldgate, London

LMU Moorgate Building

LMU Moorgate Building  

LMU Tower Building

LMU Tower Building