University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus 

We undertook a 12-month stakeholder engagement and consultation with the University of Nottingham to produce a development brief for their Jubilee Campus Masterplan

Client  University of Nottingham
Location  Nottingham
Completion  1999
Cost  £30m


  • Brief writing
  • Masterplanning

The masterplan has converted former industrial sites into an attractive, low energy campus, which now extends to 65 acres and is an incredibly important asset for the university. Hopkins Architects won the subsequent architectural competition to deliver the first phase of buildings.

The project saw a disused bicycle factory redeveloped into an inspiring academic park for 2,500 students. A serpentine lake was created following the line of the only remaining feature on the linear site - a belt of trees shielding housing. Along the lake are ranged the principal Faculty buildings, a Learning Resource Centre and a central teaching building.

University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus