LMU Tower Building 

Cartwright Pickard’s vision for the works from their interpretation of the brief was exactly what the University wished to create.

Bill Hunt, Head of Estates Development, London Metropolitan University

Client  London Metropolitan University
Location  City of London
Completion  2011
Cost  £8.5m


  • Feasibility study
  • Spatial planning
  • Architectural design
  • Furniture consultancy

We were commissioned to refurbish and modernise four London Metropolitan University faculty buildings: the Learning Centre, Tower Building, Central House and the Grade II-listed Moorgate. At the heart of all our design work was the requirement to ensure that we have focused on and enhanced the student experience in each building.

LMU Tower Building
Tired and outdated corridors and classrooms were refurbished and additional student meeting / learning areas introduced in previously unused space. The introduction of meeting places, touchdown benches and a new coffee shop, including the striking sky blue Met Lounge, facilitate chance meetings and collaborative working. In the previously unused atrium space, moveable soft seating has been introduced to create a refreshed informal study area. Many historically redundant spaces throughout the campus are now utilised as learning spaces, such as the ‘learning corridor’.

Creating an efficient University estate
Through spatial analysis we identified areas that could be used in a more efficient manner, assisting the University to rationalise its estate. Our proposals maximised spatial efficiency and student capacity while providing state-of-the-art facilities at a cost of only £1,055 per sqm. The works updated existing outdated facilities by improving internal environments through upgraded fixtures, finishes and furniture and renewing M&E services and lighting. The works increased energy efficiency and helped the university to make the best use of the space available, improving circulation and introducing additional informal learning facilities in historically redundant spaces.

Ensuring future flexibility
Adaptability of the space is key to the designs, ensuring that the workspaces are easily modifiable to future generation’s learning needs. We have considerable experience of designing highly flexible work and learning spaces that allows the agility and adaptability required by higher education estates.

LMU Tower Building

Before refurbishment

LMU Tower Building
LMU Tower Building
LMU Tower Building
LMU Tower Building