How do we design buildings for better learning?

Our experience across the board of education projects has taught us that no two schools or colleges are the same. Our design philosophy of creating inspiring buildings that use resources responsibly is well-suited to school design.

Our specialism in the integration of offsite construction is particularly useful in meeting the challenging budgets and programmes that school projects often involve. Listening to the needs of both teachers and students through a well-coordinated consultation programme is always a big part of our education projects. Ultimately our high-quality designs are rooted in the community and inspire users to learn, both through formal teaching and social interaction.


Prince Henry's Grammar School  

Winton Primary School

Winton Primary School  King's Cross, London

Birchwood Primary School

Birchwood Primary School  Bishop’s Stortford


An innovative way of predicting whole life cost over a 30-year period from the earliest stages of design.

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