Broadwalk House 

The success of Clockwise at Broadwalk House is testament to the professional team’s close collaboration. The result is an unparalleled, tactile co-working environment which we have every faith will support growing businesses and foster a professional community in Exeter for years to come.

Oliver Vickerage, Castleforge Partners

Client  Castleforge Partners
Location  Exeter
Completion  2021


  • RIBA stages 1-6
  • Architectural design
  • Interior design


  • Exeter Property Awards - Best Commercial Development
  • BCO Awards (shortlisted)
Broadwalk House

Situated in the Castle Quarter of Exeter, our refurbishment of Broadwalk House has transformed a tired office building, creating flexible and distinctive contemporary workspaces that are carefully designed to give co-working brand Clockwise's members maximum flexibility in how and where they work.

Special emphasis was given to the design of the communal and breakout spaces in the building. The challenge of accessing small cellular offices within the existing linear block has been addressed by creating distinctive breakout gallery spaces that run the length of the building. These accommodate meeting and social spaces, 'Zoom' rooms, office pods and food & beverage spaces on the upper floor levels, and are finished in natural materials and colours that reference the locality.

At the heart of the building, a central club and café space has been created. This flexible space is fitted with new full height glazing, has exposed soffits and a bright and airy character, with visual links to Exeter's city walls and gardens. Our aim was to create a welcoming and exciting first impression for users of the newly refurbished building, which is accessed via a remodelled reception area that connects directly to the hub space, circulation cores and workspaces beyond.

Broadwalk House

Broadwalk House
Broadwalk House
Broadwalk House

High levels of natural daylight throughout the building have a positive impact on occupant wellbeing. Internal glazing and glazed doors are provided to all office areas to allowing borrowed lighting into the breakout spaces. All the offices have new openable windows to provide additional natural ventilation and improved acoustic and thermal performance.

Internal spaces were designed to facilitate flexible working through the creation of multiple work settings. A mix of office sizes is provided, fitted with individual workstations that can be set out in variety of arrangements.

Exposed soffits with exposed services maintain the simple industrial aesthetic of the communal areas.

Additionally, there are modular office pods and dedicated desks located within the gallery spaces for leasing by individual tenants. These have timber batten and plywood finishes that are in-keeping with the natural finishes, earthy colours and indoor planting used in these spaces.

Broadwalk House
Broadwalk House

Photography Andrew Twort