Island is the first building in Manchester to be designed post-pandemic and the design reflects that. It won't just look great, it'll be a place where people feel happy to spend their time, whether they're working or relaxing. 

Adam Brady, Executive Director, HBD

Client  HBD
Location  Manchester


  • RIBA stages 1-6
  • Feasibility study
  • Architectural design
  • Public consultation

Originally owned by the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, Island is now a joint-venture partnership with HBD delivering a Grade A office redevelopment.

The site is situated in a central Manchester conservation area and immediately adjacent to another, which calls for a careful and considered approach involving close liaison with Historic England. 

Island is set to have the ambience of a hospitality environment such as a hotel, giving residents an amenity-driven experience. With integrated food and beverage offering, regular events and a sense of seamless transition from one area to another, it will be very unlike a traditional and sterile new-build office.

The ambitious plans reflect the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has been reshaping our perceptions of work. Many people will be migrating to a hybrid working pattern, which involves both home and office. Others will set themselves up in third spaces, such as gyms and coffee shops. The Island is designed to reflect these changes and provide a blended environment that suits the aspirations of future occupants.